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Air Cargo & Freight Services Houston

Air freight and air cargo services are nearly always used to meet an urgent requirement. Size is a factor, but if you have a reasonable budget, then size is a secondary factor.  We have access to the largest cargo planes available. A typical air freight shipment typically consists of high-valued urgently needed. The average air cargo weight ranges from 100 kg up to 80+ tons. If you need to ship much larger air cargo, give us a call for a free estimate.

Galaxy International freight ships air freight to a wide variety of destinations around the world. Our air freight destinations include: Europe: We ship to the UK (UK), Netherlands (Germany), Ukraine, Italy (Italy), Norway (Czech Republic), Spain, etc. South America: We ship to various countries in South America, such as Brazil (Colombia), Chile (Chile), Peru (Peru), Ecuador (Argentina), etc. Asia: We ship to countries in Asia, such as China (Singapore), Vietnam (Vietnam), Australia (Australia), India (India), Malaysia (Philippines), etc. Middle East: We ship to a variety of countries in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia (UAE), Kuwait (Libya), Oman (Oman), Yemen (Yemen), Egypt (Egypt), Israel (Turkey), etc. We ship a wide variety of goods by air cargo, including large skids, very heavy crates, pallets, and boxes.

We also manage the rate negotiations between the passenger airlines and the air cargo airlines and cooperate with the air carriers as much as possible to ensure the timely, reliable, and safe delivery of the cargo.

We operate on tight schedules with a focus on cost-effectiveness to ensure that your cargo is delivered to the destination as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Our only restriction is whether the cargo can fit on the deck of the aircraft and if there is an aircraft ready to receive the air freight.

If you are interested in airfreight delivery from China to USA, call us. If you require an airfreight expert, call us.

If you need air freight delivery to any destination for pipelines, oil & gas, and petroleum, please call us.

We offer HAZMAT shipping services as well.

Air Cargo and Air Freight Services

Air cargo services can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as:

  • Commercial cargo services: Transportation goods for businesses, including raw materials, finished goods, and equipment
  • E-commerce services: Air cargo can be used to transport goods sold online, especially for international e-commerce
  • Humanitarian aid services: Air cargo is used to deliver emergency relief supplies, including food, water, medical supplies, and other necessities, to areas affected by disasters.

Hub-and-Spoke model: Air cargo services operate on a hub and spoke model, where cargo is consolidated at major airports before being transported to its final destination.

Regulations: Air cargo is subject to a variety of security and safety regulations, as well as customs procedures and environmental standards.

Door to Door Services

Door to Door Delivery Services

Galaxy International offers personal hand-carry services for extremely urgent air freight needs. We carry from “door to door” even in foreign countries. This meticulous, high-quality service takes great care of small packages by matching cargo to a personal carrier on our next flight out.

Automotive suppliers, pharmaceutical companies, energy companies, and medical companies all require this express critical service from time to time when shipping materials. When medicines need to be dispatched to domestic locations, or die grips need to be shipped to rig-down situations, or a factory is out of production and the fix is for a widget located across the continent, we can get our customers out of tight jams with our unique ‘white glove’ hand-carry services.

Our dynamic, professional, and one call away hand-carry services can be mobilized immediately. We thrive on time-critical problems, and we are here for you.

For a fast rate quote, please call us.

Package Shipping Services

Shipping Services

For small consignments, packages, and materials, we offer competitively priced courier and small package services that are not accessible to the public. Hand deliver urgent shipments. We monitor your account to guarantee courier delivery. Galaxy International Freight has couriers at major airports worldwide to deliver your cargo at the final destination. Our couriers clear customs and deliver your cargo to the final destination.

We offer air insurance and air crating services for air shipments as needed.

If you are looking for a Houston, Texas courier, please call us.

We also take responsibility for picking up, export packing, and completing the governmental export filing (Automated Export Systems – AES) on your behalf.

With Galaxy International Freight, you can have your air cargo shipped from your doorstep to your customer’s site at a cost-effective and timely rate. Our customers’ air cargo is considered our air cargo.


We ship small packages to massive industrial equipment. Call us today for a free quote.

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